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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast The Levinson Brothers on Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America, Vol 1 – The Early Years

The Levinson Brothers sat down to discuss their fond memories of being introduced to Stan Freberg’s albums by their dad, and how that inevitably led to their current album, 2776, created with friend of the show Rob Kutner.  A future history lesson featuring Wil Forte, Aubrey Plaza, Reggie …
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Episode 16 – Seminal Pennises (link below)

Dan and Jay discuss another goddamned “Fred” themed sketch and Dan tells another childhood story that proves he’s awesomer than most of us.   We also discuss how Dan’s last name is the one thing we’ve ever gotten approved on Urban Dictionary.
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 98 – Mike Black on Robin Williams – A Night At The Met

The hilarious Mike Black is the first to nab a Robin Williams album.  We not only talk comedy, and Robin Williams, but there’s a little bit about film at the beginning, too.
Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Mike Black
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Episode 15 – Budding Glisten (link below)

Dan and Jay reconsider their plans to become teenage entrepreneurs and start planning their Kickstarter for a batch of personalized neon stick pens.  Dan also premieres his new service “Web Browsing for the Blind.”
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 97 – Dave Hill on Steve Martin – Wild and Crazy Guy

Dave Hill is on the show this week!  We sat down for “Wild and Crazy Guy” Mark II, and discuss Dave’s adventures mixing music and comedy in his act, performing in prisons, and temporarily ditching the comedy for some non-English speakers with some damn good taste in music.

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DJCH Podcast Episode 14 – Flavor Profile (link below)

Beer sommeliers Dan and Jay discuss the beers you just haven’t had the time to catch up on in terms you can understand.  They also talk about some more Father O’Malley.
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 96 – Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells of Robot Chicken on Bill Cosby, Adam Sandler and More

Matthew Senreich & Zeb Wells were kind enough to let me into the inner sanctum of the Robot Chicken production offices for a quick chat about what inspired them (Bill Cosby, Richard Pryor and Adam Sandler among them), comedy-wise, and what it takes to make sketch comedy your own, even if …
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