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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 102 – Hal Sparks

This might be the first time I’ve interviewed someone for whom I once thought to honor by parodying their website.  But that was back in 1998, and he’s matured since then.  I got to sit down with Hal Sparks this week and talk about his influences, not to mention his unflinchingly high standards …
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 101 – Brendon Small on Steve Martin – Lets Get Small

Metalocalypse and Home Movies’ own Brendon Small drops by at his own place to discuss “Let’s Get Small” for, somehow, only the second episode in our show’s history to cover it.  This time, we’re talking to a musician and comedian, so we discuss both sides of the Steve Martin coin, and also c . …
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 100 – Matt Lieberman Interviews Jason about his 1999 album Shoestrings – with Guests James Urbaniak and Alex Salem

Matt Lieberman (Sourcefed, Afterbuzz, friend of the show) made the kind offer to interview me for our hundredth episode.  I assumed that meant “talk about my collection,” when what Matt had in mind was much more sinister – he wanted me to talk about my own comedy album from 1999.  Talk about m . …
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