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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 108 – Andres du Bouchet on The SNL Cast Album

Andrés du Bouchet is not only a hilarious stand up, but he writes for the funniest guy ever – Conan.  We talk about a number of albums this episode, but the big one is the SNL Cast Album.  Though I didn’t have it in hand the day of, the clips you’re hearing in this episode are from a vinyl rip. … View Original Post Here: (via The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast)

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The Urge to Surge (link below)

Dan and Jay listen to the final original Father O’Malley sketch and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the script for this week’s podcast episode.  They also discuss their plans to visit Norway for a certain soft drink.
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Do the same for Dan Gomi … View Original Post Here: (via The Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour Podcast)

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 107 – Nate Bargatze on Jerry Seinfeld – Im Telling You For The Last Time

Nate Bargatze is both hilarious and thoughtful, so I was excited to cover Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling You For the Last Time” again with him.  Also, he has a show at Largo in LA tonight.  Go see him!
Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guest: Nate Barga …View Original Post Here:  (via The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast)

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Drama is how life feels. Comedy is how it looks.

I went home this weekend to visit my recently-turned-90 grandmother and to help my mom dig out from under my childhood stuff, as well as papers of which some are over 20 years old.  I found something from late high school or early college or thereabouts saying what I turned into the title of …View Original Post Here: (via

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Fake WWII Pictures (link below)

Sorry, last one for tonight.  Around 2000, my best friend Dan Gomiller was kind enough to humor me and wear my WWII-era uniform for a series of fake WWII photos.  It was fun, and with the wonky lens, a lot of them had some interesting and unexpected focal points.

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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 106 – Mark McConville on This Is Spinal Tap – The Soundtrack

Mark McConville is now the second member of the Superego team to drop by Fort Awesome Studios, and we cover a mutual favorite album – the soundtrack to This Is Spinal Tap.  It’s always a special pleasure to not only cut in music clips, but to speak to the musically educated and skilled about …
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