For information on projects or sponsoring any of our podcasts:  StolenDress Entertainment has a number of popular comedy podcasts that welcome special guests.  To talk influences and go deep into comedy, try Comedy on Vinyl.  For general humor and loose conversation, Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour is perfect.

 The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast: host: | producer:


Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour: | 208-557-3524 (audience submissions, comments)

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StolenDress Entertainment
PO Box 805
Burbank, CA 91503

Twitter: @stolendress


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Lords of Soaptown (feature documentary):

Vice-Precedence: Being Number Two in the White House:

Banded Artists (Feature production partners):
info AT bandedartists DOT com

Shadow Horse Theatre (Theatre production partners):
7609 32nd Ave. N. #219
Minneapolis, MN 55427

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