Looking Forward: 2016

In 2012, we released the feature film Looking Forward for free, on YouTube. It took eight years to complete, and by 2012, there was more than enough footage to finally put together the story of Jason Klamm’s fictional alter ego of the same name, preparing for his run for the presidency for 2020 (and 2016). You can still watch the film for free, below.
Now, in 2016, the first campaign-eligible year of his campaign, Jason Klamm’s story continues. Only this time, it isn’t being told in a traditional way. This is the world’s first film sequel to exist as a series of video blogs by over a dozen characters in the world of the campaign. Starting in March, these video blogs will roll out, day by day, beginning with Jason’s first campaign video.


The 2016 Videos:

Or, watch the film chronologically, here.

Each weekend, we’ll be posting a re-cap of the video blogs of the week, and you’ll also be able to follow the story in its entirety from the point of view of someone else, watching the campaign a bit too closely, at WatchingForward.worpdress.com.


Latest Re-Cap Posts:

Jason’s Official Website: JK2016.com
The Klamm Campaign YouTube
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The Feature Film (2012):

Credits for Looking Forward: 2016:
Jason Klamm: The Candidate
Matt Saxe: LB Barker
Dannel Gomiller: Dan Gomiller
Laura Napoli: Alex Parkhurst
Allen Rueckert: Scott Appel
Alex Salem: Frederick Mendelsohn
Brett Schlank: Bobby Harbinger
Mike Curasi: Clint Westfall
Adam Grimes and Mika Duncan: Trip Markle and Lance Forking
Natalie Lynch: Rebecca Penn
Craig Lee Thomas: Trace Emplin, CEO of Phyllis Masters
Alyson King-Wheeler and Jaymes Wheeler: Reba and Harold Blern
Mitch Yapko: Teauje Lueargne
Jeremy Guskin: Kyle Frank

Directed and written by: Jason Klamm
Additional material by all key cast members, by way of their improvisation.

©2016 StolenDress Entertainment

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