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The Last Five Years (link below)

Thanks to everybody who helped get us to our goal to help produce the next LA production of “The Last Five Years.”  I consider us to be the Levar Burtons of independent theatre in Los Angeles.  Naturally, there’s plenty of time to go, so there are plenty of chances left to help make it the i . …
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Comedy on Vinyl Podcast Episode 95 – Taylor Jessen on The Credibility Gap – Floats

This week, Jason does his usual stellar job of keeping the show on track.  No, seriously, it gets worse.  Why?  Because Taylor Jessen is not only Firesign’s archivist, but he restores comedy vinyl.  All those pops and hisses that can kill a joke or a pause?  Yeah, he can smooth those over and . …
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DJCH Podcast Episode 13 – Corpse Talk (link below)

Jay reveals some personal details about his biological proclivities in relation to finishing a sip of beer.  Dan ruins Car Talk.  And we both struggle to remember the name Rick Lazio, please.   We also talk about a 21-year-old Siskel & Ebert “parody” gone awry before Jason learned the two ma …
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